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fuzzypoo99's Mod Application
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Do you think I should be a Mod?


Joined: 21st Jul 2014
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21st Jul 2014

Name:  James
Age:   14
How Log You Play A Week:   Mon-Fri 3:30-5:00 Sat-Sun 11:00-6:00
IGN:   Fuzzypoo99
How Will You Change The Server:  I will build more stuff for the server I will advertise and get more people to join too!
Why You Think You Should Be Staff:  Because I want to help the server make it bigger better and obviously mroe popular! I am really good at commands/plugins and I'ma lright at Building! I have loads of experience being staff and I never abused my power, I also used to own a server once before!
What Are You Good At: (Plugins ect. not pvp) Plugins, commands, making friends and more! 

Joined: 12th Jul 2014
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21st Jul 2014

Really good Application, Fuzzy. I think this Application should be accepted! Best of Luck!

-Head-Admin, Batman.
Forum » Forums » Apply For Staff
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