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Greif Report : Nimbus_Station
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Joined: 15th Jul 2014
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15th Jul 2014

Nimbus_Station has been greifed by xXminotarXx.
My proof is that he was the only one on at the time other than me while I was waiting for my internet to start working again.

Along with the destruction of The insta-cake Factory, Nexsus, and plots owned by others he built several swastikas I went and destroyed.

Please Fix the problem and ban the scum.

Thank you
Joined: 12th Jul 2014
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16th Jul 2014

Thank You For Telling Us And You Did Get It Right It Was xXminotarXx He Has Been Banned Followed With A Server Log Report Ban Any Builds Greifed Are Successfully Rolledbacked To Normal Thank you- TrustedCraftMC
Forum » Forums » Greif Report
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